Enhancing Agency Internal Reporting with a Bespoke Looker Studio Connector

In the fast-paced agency environment, efficient time management and accurate client reporting are paramount. Looking to use technologies to enhance operational efficiencies, I was asked to explore the API of Fresh Egg’s agency management platform Synergist to try to streamline how project managers access and report on data.

As I like to do I tried to think about how best to build a tool that I could put in the hands of the actual users, rather than a system that the Tech team would end up being a gatekeeper to. So I was excited to set out to develop my first bespoke Looker Studio connector to transform FreshEgg’s data reporting processes.

Why a Bespoke Looker Studio Connector for Synergist

The initial requirement for this project emerged from a need to improve how Project Delivery managers reported on utilised client retained hours. Traditionally, this relied on manually creating, saving and then pulling tailored reports from the Synergist system into Excel, and from there transforming it into an actionable report. This process is time-consuming and lacks real-time updating capabilities. Recognising these challenges, I saw an opportunity not just to automate tone specific report but rather create a more general solution to deliver maximum benefit to the maximum number of users.

Instead of creating a solution limited to automating Excel report updates, I opted for a more scalable and dynamic approach using Looker Studio. By developing a custom Looker Studio connector, I leveraged the Synergist API to integrate any saved reports directly into Looker Studio. This approach not only streamlined the data retrieval and reporting processes but also empowered anyone in the agency to create and customise live dashboards and reports they might need.

This strategic choice to use Looker Studio was driven by its capability to provide flexible, interactive data visualization tools and the simple user experience of connecting a data source. This solution ensures that data handling is as agile and efficient as the agency’s project management practices, enabling better decision-making and more effective client service.

Technical Insights

The Synergist Looker Studio Connector taps into the Synergist API to retrieve a list of available reports for authenticated users, who can then select the desired report to integrate. This approach not only automates data retrieval but also simplifies the process enough that any team can use it, users simply enter thier Synergist credentials, select a report and all its data is available in Looker ready to be tabulated, filtered and visualised as required.

Impact and Future Prospects

Since implementing the Looker Studio connector, I’ve observed significant improvements in how I report on and utilize client retained hours. This tool has not only saved time but also provided deeper insights into work delivery pacing throughout the month.

The adoption of the connector has sparked interest in further customising data interaction experiences, showcasing the connector’s versatility and adaptability.


This project is a testament to my commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve practical challenges. By integrating AI and automated tools into my workflow, I continue to enhance my capabilities and improve our service delivery. I look forward to seeing how I can further utilize these tools to drive efficiency and innovation.

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